European quality, Organic nature

The project “Made in Nature: Scopri i valori del biologico europeo” (Discover the principles of European organic farming) is funded by the European Union and by CSO Italy, the service centre that groups together Italy’s leading producers of organic products. During its three years of activity (from 1 February 2019 to 31 January 2022), consumers, journalists and sector professionals from Italy, France and Germany will be involved through a series of initiatives and events aimed at disseminating the quality and culture of European organic products and raising awareness on organic production and consumption and what it involves.

Producers of well-being

Producing fresh, organic fruit and vegetables means respecting the environment and not using traditional industrial production techniques. Organic agriculture has lower yields but, on the whole, its produce stands out as it does not contain synthetic chemicals, since crops are grown while respecting soil fertility and without the use of GMOs.

The products promoted by the Made in Nature project strictly follow seasonal growing cycles and are grown in the most suitable areas in Italy: a country steeped in history and agricultural tradition with an organic farming area of 1.8 million hectares (out of a total of 12 million) and more than 72,000 certified professionals. 

According to each season, consumers can choose from many delicious fruits and extremely fresh vegetables that respect biodiversity, regional origin and various characteristics.

An informed choice

Health, well-being, taste and environmental awareness are the requirements that consumers across Europe expect the processed fruit and vegetable supply chain to meet. The Made in Nature project ensures certified authenticity for consumers. The excellence of these products can be seen in the accurate selection of the most suitable varieties according to the area of cultivation, the processing methods that preserve the freshness of typical Mediterranean products, such as tomato puree and freshly preserved vegetables such as peas, beans, lentils and soy. These products are grown on suitable soil under the warm sun of Italy, without the use of synthetic chemical fertilisers, antiparasitics, preservatives or colourants.